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Foto Cantik dan Seksi Sol Bi

Name: 솔비 / Sol Bi | Real name: 권지안 / Kwon Gi An | Profession: Actress, singer | Birthdate: 1984-Sep-30 | Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea | Height: 163cm | Weight: 47kg | Genres: K-pop, Ballad | Occupations: singer, actress, entertainer | Years active: 2006-present | Labels: Trifecta Entertainment (2006-2009) Fantom Entertainment (2009-present) | Associated acts: Typhoon


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  1. 16/02/2012 at 5:10 pm

    they say grass doesn’t grow on a busy street…
    ***fyi round 2 results is in. please star this question and look at my blog and connect me on my 360***
    i follow the vote only peacelover
    ***to all the YAM warriors i can only count the votes that i recieve. the people have spoken***
    |Based on the pictures that i send to him he told me that “Iam hot and seksi”. I dont know how to react is that a positive feedback or not??
    |In the background of Kamikazee’s “Seksi Seksi” video, you can see (at least) two girls wearing white tops with FHM’s logo on them. Who are they?
    |Just curious. My friend is Filipino and they said this but refuse to tell me what it means…
    |skinny dippin at sunset on a quiet beach and sharing a blanket to warm up afterwards or cuddling up under a coozy blanket in front of a fire on a cold evening?
    |im trying to bring seksi back
    |I am talking about that Chinaman Allan Y. He was soooo seksi.
    ||(just a little) before we go to the family reunion, so he would more closely resemble the seksi that is Larry The Cable guy?

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